"If you think training is expensive, try ignorance" PETER DRUCKER, MANAGEMENT GURU 

"If you think good training is expensive, try teaming up" TEAM UP TRAINING

Team Up Training's vision is a Successful Somerset.

We believe that through good training, better skilled people will produce better business results, bringing prosperity and success locally. So, our mission is to make high quality training events accessible and cost effective to the businesses of Somerset.


We do this by understanding your needs, teaming you up with others, selecting the best local and national trainers, and tracking the results.  

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Latest course delegate feedback:

“Bringing people together like this offers a cost-effective option to training and one I would use again” Mark, course delegate, 2018

“The trainer was excellent, the course content contained valuable theory and was engaging throughout. I was able to apply my newly learned skills and techniques the day I returned into the office and the reinforced learning from the TUT team post course made sure I didn’t forget!” Max, course delegate, 2018.

“The training was run very smoothly and I found myself having fun whilst learning a great deal. I've already put some of the techniques/styles in to practice and it's made a real difference” Rosella, course delegate, 2018

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