We use the best trainers from the region, and across the United Kingdom - because we can, and we should.


Here's how:


We have all experienced good training, and less good training. Choosing a training provider relies on previous personal experience, word of mouth, and reputation…until now!


Team Up Training offers a brand new approach to training provision. We are not a training company (our role is the teaming up and tracking), nor do not use the industry standard approach of a range of freelance/associate trainers to deliver material under the Team Up Training brand. In fact, our approach is quite to opposite.


The training is the responsibility of the training provider we have selected (this gives us confidence in the content, the material, the trainer, the delivery and the overall level of quality), delivered under their own banner. Team Up Training is responsible for the venue, bringing the delegates, all course logistics, and the post event tracking.

Because we work in partnership with a whole range of training providers, regional and national, we can use the best training provider to meet your requirements.


You can consider the range of training providers we use to have been impartially assessed as meeting the high standard required by Team Up Training – no more google searches and selection by the flashiest website (often full of glowing 'genuine' testimonials), to select your training provider, Team Up Training has already done the hard work.


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