• team up training

Collaboration for high quality sales training events in Somerset

team up training is pleased to announce its latest training collaboration. Gold Dust Training, lead by Martyn Sloman, is one of the South West’s most effective trainers of sales techniques, with a proven record of success locally and nationally.

Together, team up training and Gold Dust Training have developed three courses suited for the teaming up concept of delivering to a group of delegates from a range of different organisations.

This collaboration will provide regular, high quality, cost effective sales training to businesses across Somerset, in three main streams:

Introduction to sales - Understanding the process of is important for most people in an organisation. This workshop gives an excellent introduction to all elements of sales. It is aimed at helping you to understand better your potential customers’ needs, priorities and timescales. Once you gain these insights the following conversations have a much better chance of success.

Advanced sales techniques - This course is aimed at those already in a sales role, to fine tune and improve their sales performance. It is important to refresh sales skills regularly, and to remain abreast of latest techniques. The interactive format promotes group learning and the opportunity to address real life challenges you are currently facing.

Sales thinking for all – This course is aimed at all who have contact with existing or potential customers, how to identify and assess new opportunities, how to maintain and foster business relationships that lead to more business.

These courses are all based on Martyn’s proven “Non-Pushy” sales approach, which increase confidence levels, uncover hidden opportunities and increase conversion leading to more sales.

Martyn’s methods focus on positive, sometimes bold, yet buyer-friendly techniques that people feel confident and comfortable using. The days of manipulative techniques loaded with leading questions are for the sales dinosaurs!

He is hired and consistently re-hired by SMEs as well as well-known brands such as Danone & Brandon Tool Hire due to his high levels of success.

The Gold Dust Training website is full of further information, and useful material such as over 80 sales blogs and over a hundred “1 Thing at 1” sales hints, tips and snippets… these resources are, literally, “gold dust”.

Take a look, and if you like Gold Dust’s style, then contact team up training to register for Team Up Training/Gold Dust’s “Sales thinking for all” course running on 12th September in Taunton, or to log your interest in future sales training events.